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Introduction to the game

Post by Mit » Mon Aug 29, 2016 10:28 pm


Yes, its a stupid name.

This game is pretty much complete though. (I really just need to add some sound and perhaps a few more shinies).
You can download the pre-release version here :

Google Play Store

The first block of levels are free, after that there's a (very reasonably priced) in-app purchase required to unlock the remaining levels. Everyone here should buy it, of course, and a 5-star review is particularly handy too.

The game is a simple enough little puzzler, using the traditional orbital mechanics of 'Solar System Wars' - one of the first games ever made, and which in a later form became a mild and somewhat silly obsession for Fooli and I in our game-playing-post-student-pre-work years. (Hence this page and etc).

As well as the challenge of progressing through all 40 levels there's a wee mechanic whereby you must restore the graphical features through high-quality woomphing and suchlike.


Play it, buy it, be happy and I'll write some more stuff.

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