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Subspace-style shooter
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Introduction & Status

Post by Mit » Tue Aug 30, 2016 3:15 pm

I (re-)started work on this one after a recent visit back to subspace, and being vastly disappointed by it. Rose-tinted i guess.
Anyway, I'd still like to play a lil subspace-style blaster occasionally, and I have fond memories of netrek, so..


A space game fits well in that it doesn't need a lot of heavy graphic work (though another nice space station or two would never go amiss) - planets, asteroids and ship models we have, and most of the rest is particle effects.

Initial work has been done to build up the controls, entities and basic multiplayer bits. Some shiny weapons have been made.

Ideally the game would have a basic mutiplayer, PvP, 'Arena' mode and a (primary) 1-4 player PvE mode against 'AI' ships (which'd work much better for a small audience). The latter will eat up some heavy programming time (getting AI to behave and then replicate properly, etc) so this ain't a project thats likely to happen anytime soon.

Some form of early demo should get put up one day before 2018 though.

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