Old Man Game Development


Winter 2017 Development Update

Well, so far this winter the amount of game development done by this old man is.. mmmm.. well.. rounding up, and maybe stretching the boundaries of the term 'development' a bit to include server maintenance, general pondering, planning and contemplation... the amount of game development done by this old man so far this winter is...


Yup, practically feckall. Zilch. Nuffin. I've barely even touched my PC. It has been great.

I have done a whole load of digging, chopped a lot of wood, acquired 3 chickens (Hetty Ginger Feathers, Marrgaret and The Duchess), built them a house and place to run around in, put up a greenhouse, moved a few hedges, planted a whole load of seeds and am now in the middle of building a new driveway, none of which has any bearing at all on the game development side of things but has all been very pleasurable.


Alongside the above, and with slightly more relevance to the 'old man game development' thing, I have recently left my job and am having a go at running my own little gardening business around my local area. I have little idea how successful that will be but the general intention* is that I'll start spending the downtime between gardening jobs doing some game bits. Probably. I've been busy on all these other projects so far (as well as studying for a Horticultural diploma), and will be for a while longer, but getting back to some of this stuff is a big, underlined item on my to-do-list.

Meantime, for the group of you who've registered here but haven't yet got access - sorry! It will be a little while longer. I'll email around when there's something worthwhile to see, and hopefully we can get a bit of gathering together later in the year to play some stuff and have a natter.

*As you may have experienced, my intentions only rarely come to fruition, and indeed right now I have absolutely no desire to do any game development ever again, but that'll probably change and the 'intention' still stands :].

I am an Old Man. I potter about in the garden.

And occasionally make games.

Live scores

'Live' top score tables will appear here, fed from the various game servers, once I've linked in all the stuff that allows that to happen. For now, we have the closing table from the previous closed-alpha run of the Tractor Combat Simulator (v0.11)

# Username Wealth
1 Zaroba 5,098,637s
2 Morvis 1,202,210s
3 Trynez 587,142s
4 Mit 5,652s
5 Fooli 2,968s
6 gk8000 2,340s
7 Thedabs 600s
8 Zyrvox 416s