Old Man Game Development


Spring 2017 Development Update

Right.. Time to get some stuff done. First up, all the pending accounts have now been unlocked so everyone who registered here in the last few months should now be able to get in to the games & forums. Sorry for the delay!

Next.. A tractor is back online and on the downloads page ; a primitive, old-school server list currently just links to the historically-themed civilization world. I should be adding a 'traditional' modern economy in the next few months if I can find the time. Other options welcome if anyone has the time & inclination to host something.

The historical world needs some proper testing - we've checked up to the 3rd era but there's probably stuff broken after that.. If you're able to spend some time building up an economy that would be much appreciated. Please let me know in-game or on the forums if you find anything that prevents progress..

'The Universal' - i.e. the bit where you get to make your own worlds, explore the galaxy, etc - is on hold for a while longer. I've redone the space stuff into something a little different (details to follow later) but getting that finished off requires more time than I can afford atm.

Beyond that, everything else is just gardening.. If I'm not around you can assume I'm off pricking out a young lady's laburnum, scattering my seed over a freshly prepared bed, or admiring a nicely trimmed bush (etc etc etc).

I am an Old Man. I potter about in the garden.

And occasionally make games.

Live scores

'Live' top score tables will appear here, fed from the various game servers, once I've linked in all the stuff that allows that to happen. For now, we have the closing table from the previous closed-alpha run of the Tractor Combat Simulator (v0.11)

# Username Wealth
1 Zaroba 5,098,637s
2 Morvis 1,202,210s
3 Trynez 587,142s
4 Mit 5,652s
5 Fooli 2,968s
6 gk8000 2,340s
7 Thedabs 600s
8 Zyrvox 416s