Old Man Game Development


Autumn 2017 Development Update

625 perennials planted. 45,000m2 of lawn mowed. 76,000 weeds destroyed, 3 new beds constructed, 24 trees planted and staked, 1 fence painted, 4 paving areas laid. 110 beautiful sunny days experienced joyfully, 65 not-so-sunny days tolerated cheerily.

Oh.. game development?. Oh.. ah... no, sorry, haven't really got any updates on that to report.. all has been gardening here.

But.. there are plans afoot for TU which I have been working on in rare hours. Will be having a few days off over winter to get busy with it (and listen to the cricket).

Oh and 3,000 seeds sown, 75 peppers harvested, 33 holes dug... ... ...

I am an Old Man. I potter about in the garden.

And occasionally make games.

Live scores

'Live' top score tables will appear here, fed from the various game servers, once I've linked in all the stuff that allows that to happen. For now, we have the closing table from the previous closed-alpha run of the Tractor Combat Simulator (v0.11)

# Username Wealth
1 Zaroba 5,098,637s
2 Morvis 1,202,210s
3 Trynez 587,142s
4 Mit 5,652s
5 Fooli 2,968s
6 gk8000 2,340s
7 Thedabs 600s
8 Zyrvox 416s